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Welcome to

Mendota Lakeshore Apartments

Fall Move In Day is August 18, 2024 and we will be in the office from 9AM-4PM to check you in.  August rent is due August 1st.  Rent must be paid in FULL to receive keys.  Roommates may pick up keys for others.  You may move in any time or day after checking in.  If you cannot make this check in time, please contact us for an appointment during our business hours, at least 3 full business days prior to your desired check in.  


Please do NOT park in the parking lot for any length of time if you do not have a signed parking contract with MLA.   

On August 18th, we will have someone monitoring the street to ensure people park on only one side and unload quickly to make room for others to unload.  By parking on only one side, vehicles can turn around and get out without being blocked. 

Please do not block the driveways.


Any vehicle parked in the lot that is not registered or blocking the driveways will be towed.  

For After Hour Parking Violations (someone is in your stall) please call 608-370-9089


You may pay  through personal check, money order or Zelle if your online banking offers it. 

Please make sure to always put your address in the memo of Zelle, personal checks and/or money orders so we can apply the payments to the appropriate account. 


Personal Check: Please mail to our office 620 N Carroll St Suite B Madison, WI 53703 or Drop off in our after hour dropbox inside the front entry of

620 N Carroll St labeled "Office" 

Zelle: If your bank offers Zelle, you may pay online through Zelle.  You MUST carefully enter the correct recipient information when paying as we will NOT issue any credits to payments made to the wrong parties.  The recipient information of who to pay through Zelle is the following:

If you live at 616 N Carroll St, use

If you live at 620 N Carroll St, use 


ELECTRICITY: If you are responsible for your electric bill, please call MG&E at 608-252-7222 to set up your service before you move in.

A/C:  All installations must be done by MLA staff.  A/C addendums will be available at check-in.  You may complete one and turn it in with payment at move in.  

BIKES:  All bikes must be registered with the office & have a permit sticker affixed.  Bikes may only be parked in bike racks in front of 620 or 616 N Carroll St.  All other bikes will be removed

PETS: Please do not bring visiting pets.

ELEVATORS: Please do not hold elevators open - load and unload quickly.

BOXES: After move in, please break all boxes down before disposing

INTERNET: Plug your own router into port in wall.  

Buzz in Guests: Plug a landline telephone into telephone jack.  When they call you from the front door, answer phone and press #9 to buzz them in.


We do not take reservations for the backyard use

You MUST accompany your guests at all times.  Do not invite friends to use the backyard area without your presence. You are responsible for all conduct of your guests. 

No more than 5 guests at a time without written permission from MLA.

No more than 20 people allowed on the pier at once. 

You must clean up after yourself and your guests.

No guests are allowed in the gym. 

No loud music or voices after 10:30 PM Sunday-Thursday and   after midnight on Friday and Saturday 

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